Best Gardening Tips

If you are someone who has never gardened before, or you are someone who has had a long habit of destroying the plants that you have, you'll find that having a basic knowledge of what gardening takes and what you need to do can help you out a lot. While some people find gardening instinctive, other people need some very basic information to start out with, so take a look at some of the gardening tips below. You can build on these later, but you'll find that by keeping the following in mind, you can get your garden off to a good start.

1.Start with seedlings
You'll find that if you are new to gardening that you can do a great deal to make sure that things go well by making sure that you don't put vulnerable seeds in the garden right away. Look for seedlings at the gardening centers, or you can grow the yourself. You can always take your seeds and place them on a wet paper towel, leaving them in the sunlight. Keep the paper towel moist, and you'll find that the seeds start to grow in a few days, and at that point, they are ready to be put in pots or in your garden.

2.Work with mints
You'll find that not only do mints smell great that they are an amazingly easy covering plant to grow as well. You'll find that peppermint, catnip and oregano are all varieties of mint that are very easy to grow. They are water-loving and do well in the shade. Take some time to make sure that your mint plants are contained though; left unattended, they can very easily take grow rampant.

3.Protecting your plants
One thing that you have to guard against is cold weather, but how to do that for your outdoor plants if you don't have a greenhouse? You'll find that you can create a very healthy, very humid atmosphere for your plants by taking empty clear plastic bottles, cutting off the mouth and then placing them over your new plants. This dome can then be fitted over your new plants to help them grow up healthily and even to protect them from animals and insects that would eat them.

4.Going to pot
If you are a little bit nervous about working in a full garden, or simply don't have the time, think bout having a small container garden. You'll find that there are plenty of plants that grow well in pots and that you will have a great deal of control over how they do. You can start with a window box herb garden or flowers in a hanging pot. For more edible plants, think about tomatoes and strawberries.

5.Go native
The best way to get good results outdoors is to avoid getting into a fight with Mother Nature. Try to figure out what plants grow best in your area and plant them. Plants that do well naturally in your area have a much better chance of surviving than those that are exotic imports.